Some Golden Advice for Umrah Pilgrims

Some Golden Advice for Umrah Pilgrims

If you are soon planning to attend the Umrah practice, then there are specific essential guidelines which you need to keep in mind. So for the beginner Umrah pilgrims, here we are sharing on with some important and golden advice rules!

Passport & Visas

It is much essential that you should know much about the primary conditions of the visas and passport of the country in which you are planning to make your visit. Hence, you should be applying for the visa before you set off your date of arrival. Know about the valid time of the permit and so as about the passport. Never miss out taking along your passport and permission with you. If in case somehow you lost your passport or visa then without any second delay you should get into contact with the embassy of the country in which you are on your travel.


You should put the case all around your luggage as in favor of the effortless recognition and also for the security reasons. You should never let your bag or bags to be in the hands of any person on the airport, no matter how much sincere and genuine you found him. You should not be leaving your luggage at the airport without informing the airport management, as this can give rise to the conditions of the high-security alerts.


You should be aware regarding the health conditions of the country in which you are traveling into. If the state to require any the vaccinations, then you should do the immunization about 5-6 weeks before your travel date. If you are taking along with you any of your medicines or injections, then you should also be having a piece of a paper that would identify your health condition as the evidence. If you get delayed in your visit abroad, then you should be having some extra pieces of medications for emergency purposes.


As soon as you are handed over with your tickets you should foremost be noticing the date and time of the travel. You should keep the cards along with the passport and visa and should not miss out to bring them at the time of the day when you are traveling.


If you don’t want to be late for the flight, then make sure that you have packed the luggage almost 10 hours before the flight time. You should know the weather condition of the country where you are traveling so that you would not be taking along the unwanted clothing items with you. You can roll up the clothes besides folding them as it would create less fuss and give more space for extra details storage.

Getting To & From Airport

You should have complete information about the public transport timetable of the country where you are traveling so that you can save your time. If you are not able to get a car, then pre-booking parking is the best option for you. On hiring the taxis, try to search for the one with the meter around the location of the airport.


If somehow you have to stay for a long time in the foreign country then be sure that you are left with enough amount of the money or currency. You should be having a piece of separate paper that should include the list of credit and debit cards along with the numbers of the suppliers in case if you do lose them.

Special Requests

You should be giving the airlines with the greater sum of notice as in favor of the different meals or even the requests on seating.


Try to drink maximum amount of water so that it can help you to control the dehydration at the time of flight. You should have some information about smooth, easy exercises to do while sitting at your seat place to avoid the joint pain and stiffness. Try to take the meal that is light and easy to digest in flight. Avoid taking fats and carbohydrates in your feed.

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Madinah City Is Rich in Islamic Inscriptions

madina 20

Historical Arabic scripts are prominent by their splendour and diversity, and the Makki and Madani scripts were the maximum distinguished variations at some stage in records. The city of Madinah area is rich in precious Islamic inscriptions which are engraved on the rocks and these have their own beauty and importance which attracts Muslims towards these beautiful inscriptions.

There are many opinions concerning the origins of Arabic calligraphy. Some people say it came from the Nabataeans within the 4th century BC.

The Madinah location is wealthy in precious Islamic inscriptions engraved at the rocks of its mountains and valleys, and historic caravan routes. The history of these calligraphic inscription dates back to the Hijri first century, and they include Qur’anic verses, supplications, letters, poetry and news.

King Abdul Aziz took an interest in maintaining Arabic calligraphy, and his interest has been bolstered by way of the King Salman middle for restoration and Conservation of historic materials, part of King Abdul Aziz historical middle, which preserves and cares for historical documents and manuscripts.

Prince Faisal bin Salman, governor of Madinah location, launched an initiative to preserve the Madani script during the inauguration of an exhibition of Madinah manuscripts organized with the aid of King Abdul Aziz historical center in 2016.

Many global libraries have copies of the Holy Qur’an written in the Madani script, inclusive of the Paris national Library, the Leiden College Library inside the Netherlands, the university Library of Birmingham in England, and the Berlin Library.

Idham Mohammed Hanash, the dean of the college of Arts and Islamic architecture at the sector Islamic science and education university in Jordan, stated the Madani script has grow to be the standard for the starting place and originality of Arabic calligraphy.

He talked about that it’s far characterized by using aesthetic characteristics and technical characteristics, and said its exceptional historic importance and technical excellence imply there may be a want to restore information of the artwork of the script.

Prince Faisal praised the King Fahd complicated for the Printing of the Holy Qur’an in city Madinah for issuing around 10 million copies of the book, accomplishing the best production degree for the primary time in the five months.

The target manufacturing is 18 million copies all through the primary operational year, which ends up after almost seven months.

This came during a meeting with Tawfiq Al-Sudairy, the deputy minister of Islamic Affairs, Da’wah and Guidance, who briefed Prince Faisal on the achievements of the King Fahd complicated within the presence of Mohammed Salem Al-Awfi, secretary-general of the complex.

Prince Faisal said that those achievements came in document time with national capacities to serve religion Islam and Muslims.

Umrah is a sacred journey to Makkah and not mandatory in Islam religion but Umrah is very important in the life of Muslims. With aim to provide the pilgrims with the best and complete Umrah services, we now offer our customers reasonable Ramadan Umrah package offers. So you don’t miss a chance and visit us to get the deals.



Umrah is a blessed journey to Makkah and every physically and financially able Muslim must perform this once in his or her whole life span and the intention one made for performing every ritual of Umrah and every act if worship should be honest and sincere. The intention or niyyat of Muslim defines their dedication towards their religious responsibility and looking for pleasure of ALLAH Almighty.

The purpose of making sole intention for performing minor or lesser pilgrimage is to gain pleasure of ALLAH Almighty and fulfil His commands. We should ask forgiveness from ALLAH Almighty, and should ask to make us a sincere, virtuous and pious Muslim, and protect us from satanic and evil traps.

It is necessary before leaving for Umrah to study about all the rites and rituals of minor pilgrimage. A Muslim should give importance to this because many of the Muslim brothers and sisters leaves for Umrah without knowing the proper procedure of performing Umrah and they also oblivious about rites and rituals which are to be performed whole performing minor pilgrimage. It is highly advisable for all Muslim who are soon going for minor pilgrimage that they must learn about all the rites and rituals of this sacred pilgrimage under the guidance of any authentic religious scholar or `Aalim.

For the performance of Umrah it is also necessary for pilgrim to memorise the Talbiyah accurately and all other supplication which is necessary to recite during the performance of rituals. If a person is avoid learning procedure and he reaches Makkah, then they will realise that they have done mistake because they will be unaware of everything anything and this thing will them in big trouble. As soon as Muslim is financially sound and fit physically to undertake the sacred journey, he should go for Umrah because life is unpredictable and we don’t now then when we will die so perform it as soon as possible and wash away your sins.

According to the condition for Umrah in religion Islam a person should have to clear all of his debts and pay off all dues before leaving for spiritual journey. It is also highly recommended to write a will prior to sacred voyage. Before moving to minor pilgrimage, a person needs to fulfil all of his duties and responsibilities.

When he is in Makkah, must ask ALLAH Almighty to forgive all his committed sins and transgression. Repent for all the bad deeds he has done in past with true heart and extreme humbleness and sincerity. Promise yourself that you will refrain from repeating the sins. Regret for all the things with your true and try to change yourself and becomes a virtuous and righteous person. is one of the authorized Hajj and Umrah travel agent based in UK offers a range of Cheap Umrah Packges 2018 from UK.



Far from being a once-a-week kind of belief, Islam is more of an all-encompassing way of life than just one part of life. Islam’s sacred text, the Holy Quran and also the Hadeeth, include guidance and direction for almost every aspect of life, from socializing to praying. The every day life of a Muslim is deeply influenced by the words of ALLAH Almighty and the act of prophets.


Every day prayer is central to the lives of millions of Muslims and is one of the basic five pillars of Islam. Religion Islam requires its followers to pray five times every day: once in the morning (Fajr), at noon (Zohar), early afternoon (Asr), at dusk (Maghrib) and at night (Esha). The prayer is preceded by a ritual washing (called ablution or “Wuzu”) of the hands, arms, feet, legs and head.

Muslims may perform Namaz anywhere provided they are facing the direction of Holy Kaabah in Makkah, Islam’s holiest site. In lots of Muslim communities, masjid officials use a public address system to call Believers to Namaz; this is both a reminder and a suggestion to pray with others (congregation), which is preferable to praying alone.


Islam urges its believers to dress modestly at all times. Muslim women often wear a head covering known as hijab or a scarf to keep their hairs covered an often attractive and very womanly trait from the view of men. Muslim men are also encouraged to do clothes modestly in loose-fitting garments.


Islam provides guidance on what every day activities are haram (forbidden) and halal (allowed, encouraged and beneficial). For example, consuming and taking alcohol, using mind-altering drugs and involving in sexual relations outside of marriage are all haram (forbidden). Alcohol and drugs cloud judgement and remove inhibition.

Muslims are also strictly prohibited from consuming pork, as pigs are considered dirty and bad animals. Other prohibitions include theft, cheating, and greed, showing disrespect to parents (especially to mothers) and other family members and to anyone and being uncharitable to widows, orphans and neighbours.

Interacting with Others

Muslims are required to treat good with everyone, even enemies, with courtesy and respect. With other Muslims, they offer a conventional Islamic greeting: “As-Salamu Alaikum,” which translates to “Peace be with you.” Islam also strongly encourages Muslims to accept an attitude of forgiveness and patience in everyday life, even with strangers.

The Holy Quran states that the perfect mindset would allow a Muslim to forgive others instantly, be blind to faults and do superior deeds even to those who wrong them. Sharing the Islamic beliefs and faith is also a significant part of living a high-quality Muslim life, provided it is done smoothly and calmly, without pushiness or aggression. is one of the authorized and best travel agency offering the services of Hajj, Umrah, Flights, Tickets, Hotels, Travel and Visa packages in cheapest rates with Umrah Tours 2018 Packages from Lonson, UK.