Anxiety Removal Tips:

Anxiety Removal Tips

Allah is the one who created us so we should firmly believe in him and in his power, in every aspect of life. Below I have mentioned some easy steps, by following which a Muslim can easily deal with his depression.

Remembrance of Allah (SWT):  Allah (SWT) created the entire universe so Muslims should remember him in all their doings by keeping their tongue busy with Dhikr, Allah is the one who created us and he is the only one who can remove depression and anxiety.

Allah says:

Those who believe, and whose hearts find peace in the remembrance of Allah: for without doubt in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find peace.” (Quran, 13:28)

Salah: Muslims can gain calmness by offering prayers. If one offer prayer with great focus and right on time then he can easily attain inner peace. When a Muslim prays his main intention is to establish connection with his creator, this reduces stress and depression to a great level as a Muslim knows Allah is the only one capable of taking him out from all his difficulties.

Quran say’s:

“O you who believe! Resort to patience and prayer; surely, Allah is with the patient.”(Quran, 2:153)

Holy Quran: Quran came directly from Allah (SWT), so the best way to remember Allah (SWT) is by reciting Quran, Reading Quran brings us comfort and inner peace.

Holly prophet (PBUH) said:

“Quran is the best remedy for the illness of the soul” (Bukhari).

Reciting Surahs from Quran:

Consistently reciting different Surahs will safeguard one from depression and cheer the mood of one who suffers from depression, particularly surah al nas.

Seek Help Through Sabr: 

Sometimes people feel helpless and they believe that their situation is completely out of control so if in such a situation a person remans patient then he gets back the control of entire the best way of seeking help from Allah (SWT) is through sabr and patience. Allah says in Holy Quran:

“Seek help through Sabr and Salah” (Quran 2:45).

Seek Allah’s Forgiveness: 

Whenever we commit a sin there comes a guilt in our heart which stresses us again and again so if after such a situation if a person seeks Allah’s forgiveness then his / her anxiety will be removed. So one should continuously ask for Allah’s forgiveness and one should also forgive others as Allah (SWT) loves those who loves his creation.

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Facts about Holy Ramadan

Facts about Holy Ramadan

Ramadan is the 9th Islamic Holy Month of religion Islam in which Muslims living any corner of the world observe fast from Fajr to Maghrib. During fast Muslims do not consume or drink and also abstain from unnecessary talk and prohibited acts. Fasting in the month of Holy Ramadan is one of the pillars of Islam and most essential act of worship of Islam. Every adult Muslim should have to observe Ramadan fasting, unless they’re ill, pregnant, or diabetic, breastfeeding mother, or journeying. Muslim spends their time in Ramadan utilizing in prayer, charity, spirituality, and for purifying the mind and frame.

Facts about the Holy Month of Ramadan:

Following we are going to discuss some of the facts about the Month of Holy Ramadan:

* Muslims all over the world regardless of their nationality, ethnicity, race or coloration, fast throughout the month of Holy Ramadan. They’re now not permitted to drink or eat anything from Fajr to maghrib. They should also have to abstain from other prohibited acts and impurities.

* Holy Quran was revealed on Prophet (PBUH) in the month of Holy Ramadan.

* The actual starting of Ramadan is decided by the sighting of the new moon.

Ramadan is the blessed month of Islam and it is obligatory on every adult Muslim to observe fast throughout the month.

* Muslims are recommended to eat a meal before Fajr prayer which is known as Sehri, and all fasting Muslims must break their fast at Maghrib. During this time they may be no longer allowed to consume or drink, additionally abstain from abusive and wrong language and all other sinful acts.

* Ramadan is the month of fasting. Fasting is one of the five Pillars of Islam.

* Eating dates is recommended when breaking the fast.

* Throughout the month of Holy Ramadan, Muslims must offer obligatory charity which is or Zakah and also Muslims should do voluntary charity sadaqah etc. In the Ramadan, the rewards of charity are taken into consideration more.

* Children aren’t obligated to fast in the Ramadan, not till they have reached age of puberty.

* The meal before the start of the fast is known as suhoor, and the meal at sunset is referred to as iftar.

* Muslims must recite Holy Quran in Ramadan.

* In some nations of the world, it’s considered the crime to ignore or avoid the Ramadan fasts.

* In the end of Holy Ramadan, there’s a blessed festival celebrated by Muslims which is the gift for all Muslims who observe fasts throughout the month of Ramadan known as called Eid-ul-Fitr. Eid–ul- Fitr is widely known with the help of sporting one’s pleasant clothes, visiting Mosque for performing Eid prayer and giving gifts to each other and meeting with relatives, friends and loved ones and Thanking to ALLAH Almighty.

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Madinah City Is Rich in Islamic Inscriptions

madina 20

Historical Arabic scripts are prominent by their splendour and diversity, and the Makki and Madani scripts were the maximum distinguished variations at some stage in records. The city of Madinah area is rich in precious Islamic inscriptions which are engraved on the rocks and these have their own beauty and importance which attracts Muslims towards these beautiful inscriptions.

There are many opinions concerning the origins of Arabic calligraphy. Some people say it came from the Nabataeans within the 4th century BC.

The Madinah location is wealthy in precious Islamic inscriptions engraved at the rocks of its mountains and valleys, and historic caravan routes. The history of these calligraphic inscription dates back to the Hijri first century, and they include Qur’anic verses, supplications, letters, poetry and news.

King Abdul Aziz took an interest in maintaining Arabic calligraphy, and his interest has been bolstered by way of the King Salman middle for restoration and Conservation of historic materials, part of King Abdul Aziz historical middle, which preserves and cares for historical documents and manuscripts.

Prince Faisal bin Salman, governor of Madinah location, launched an initiative to preserve the Madani script during the inauguration of an exhibition of Madinah manuscripts organized with the aid of King Abdul Aziz historical center in 2016.

Many global libraries have copies of the Holy Qur’an written in the Madani script, inclusive of the Paris national Library, the Leiden College Library inside the Netherlands, the university Library of Birmingham in England, and the Berlin Library.

Idham Mohammed Hanash, the dean of the college of Arts and Islamic architecture at the sector Islamic science and education university in Jordan, stated the Madani script has grow to be the standard for the starting place and originality of Arabic calligraphy.

He talked about that it’s far characterized by using aesthetic characteristics and technical characteristics, and said its exceptional historic importance and technical excellence imply there may be a want to restore information of the artwork of the script.

Prince Faisal praised the King Fahd complicated for the Printing of the Holy Qur’an in city Madinah for issuing around 10 million copies of the book, accomplishing the best production degree for the primary time in the five months.

The target manufacturing is 18 million copies all through the primary operational year, which ends up after almost seven months.

This came during a meeting with Tawfiq Al-Sudairy, the deputy minister of Islamic Affairs, Da’wah and Guidance, who briefed Prince Faisal on the achievements of the King Fahd complicated within the presence of Mohammed Salem Al-Awfi, secretary-general of the complex.

Prince Faisal said that those achievements came in document time with national capacities to serve religion Islam and Muslims.

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Reciting Holy Quran


The Holy Quran is the only true book which was revealed by ALLAH Almighty on Prophet (PBUH) by angel Hazrat Jibraeel (AS), this blessed Book was revealed for the guidance of whole humanity. Holy Quran is the book which provides solution to every problem and answer to every question; it gives guidance and assistance to every phase and stage of life. In order to understand the actual message of Holy Quran it is very necessary to recite it with its meanings. It is very important to recite Holy Quran on daily basis and spread it teachings to others, making your Childs aware of the teachings of religion Islam it is very necessary to practise the acts of worships and teachings of Islam by parents on daily basis.

Muslim children from the start do efforts to make them aware of the teachings of Islam, the way of spending live in this world and their religious responsibilities. Making child a virtuous and righteous Muslim and productive member of society is a duty of parents. It is a natural phenomenon that children are naturally more rapidly and attractively influenced by their Parents than any other person. That is why it is initial and most important duty of Parents to Islamic teachings in their lives so that their children also adopt the same lifestyle; Parents need to take special care and maintain few things in order to make proper arrangement for the learning of the Holy Quran in easiest way for their Childs. Parents must take care of the kid’s sanitation, hygiene and tutoring etiquettes.

Muslim parents should make habit of performing salah together this will make their child aware about the importance of performing salah, children simply follow whatever he or she sees in surrounding and parents influence Childs the most so it is necessary to give your child the most positive and righteous influence. Parents must make a habit of reciting the Holy Quran with translation on daily basis and invite Childs to follow this act with you. By this way they will adopt these virtuous habits more quickly as it is psychologically proved that children easily and effectively learn by modelling and practise examples so when parents make a habit of reciting the Holy Quran on daily basis, their children will also follow them in an effective manner.

It is also significant to revise the previously recited chapter or verse of Holy Quran, this will help in learning the Holy Quran in most effective way, parents are advised to pay regular attention to this factor and revise the Holy Quran everyday with their children. When you adopt this habit of revising the Holy Quran every day, this will make easier for your children to remember it.

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Spiritual Excellence in Worship


Spiritual excellence can be attained by adopting the highest level of righteousness, virtuousness and belief in life and Muslims can easily attain it by following the teachings of religion Islam. A Muslim becomes righteous when he perfects in performing all the acts of worship and living life according to the teachings of religion Islam.

A true Muslim is one who behaves well to other and he always is kind and polite towards people either they are Muslims or Non-Muslims. We must not restrict ourselves in simply performing the least requirements of religion Islam, but rather we must have to strive hard toward high spiritual perfection.

A Muslim can attain high goal in his or her life if they work hard for it. it is the combination of all excellent characteristics in Islam such as submission to the will of ALLAH Almighty, true belief, mercy, righteousness, and piety.

As for excellence of worship, it is to be completely conscious and aware of ALLAH Almighty in times of prayer and other acts of devotion. Achieving excellence in prayer is a hard task and it can take a life span to finally perfect it. Though, we can practice in little steps which, over time, will accumulate and assist us reach our goal. We must also consider the advice of the virtuous predecessors for how they were capable to perfect their worship.

Fear of ALLAH Almighty is a significant part of true faith and a perfect prayer. We must always be concerned that we perform our prayers honestly as best as we can, lest they be unacceptable to ALLAH Almighty. At the same time, hope in ALLAH Almighty is an equally significant part of true faith and worship. Our worship must balance the fear of Hellfire with the hope of Paradise (jannah), and in doing so we will attain a peace of mind unbeknownst to most people on earth. The virtuous predecessors used to say that the happiness and peace they had in their hearts would be the envy of the powerful and rich if only they knew about it.

Along with excellence in worship should be excellence in good character and behaviour towards people and the creation in common. The components of this excellence are expressed in one concise passage of the Holy Quran:

Thus, the components of excellence in behaviour consist of the taqwa that prevents us from committing sins, charity as a belief of life, controlling our anger, and forgiving people. The really excellent are those who have all of these characteristics in their deeds.

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Umrah is a blessed journey to Makkah and every physically and financially able Muslim must perform this once in his or her whole life span and the intention one made for performing every ritual of Umrah and every act if worship should be honest and sincere. The intention or niyyat of Muslim defines their dedication towards their religious responsibility and looking for pleasure of ALLAH Almighty.

The purpose of making sole intention for performing minor or lesser pilgrimage is to gain pleasure of ALLAH Almighty and fulfil His commands. We should ask forgiveness from ALLAH Almighty, and should ask to make us a sincere, virtuous and pious Muslim, and protect us from satanic and evil traps.

It is necessary before leaving for Umrah to study about all the rites and rituals of minor pilgrimage. A Muslim should give importance to this because many of the Muslim brothers and sisters leaves for Umrah without knowing the proper procedure of performing Umrah and they also oblivious about rites and rituals which are to be performed whole performing minor pilgrimage. It is highly advisable for all Muslim who are soon going for minor pilgrimage that they must learn about all the rites and rituals of this sacred pilgrimage under the guidance of any authentic religious scholar or `Aalim.

For the performance of Umrah it is also necessary for pilgrim to memorise the Talbiyah accurately and all other supplication which is necessary to recite during the performance of rituals. If a person is avoid learning procedure and he reaches Makkah, then they will realise that they have done mistake because they will be unaware of everything anything and this thing will them in big trouble. As soon as Muslim is financially sound and fit physically to undertake the sacred journey, he should go for Umrah because life is unpredictable and we don’t now then when we will die so perform it as soon as possible and wash away your sins.

According to the condition for Umrah in religion Islam a person should have to clear all of his debts and pay off all dues before leaving for spiritual journey. It is also highly recommended to write a will prior to sacred voyage. Before moving to minor pilgrimage, a person needs to fulfil all of his duties and responsibilities.

When he is in Makkah, must ask ALLAH Almighty to forgive all his committed sins and transgression. Repent for all the bad deeds he has done in past with true heart and extreme humbleness and sincerity. Promise yourself that you will refrain from repeating the sins. Regret for all the things with your true and try to change yourself and becomes a virtuous and righteous person. is one of the authorized Hajj and Umrah travel agent based in UK offers a range of Cheap Umrah Packges 2018 from UK.